LE Outfit for the night. Photo taken by PopChampagne 

  !NU.I  F/W 2011

  I like the orange-white woven fabric. I made a fabric like that
  myself in fashion school. Originally, during peasant times,
  they used that fabric for table cloths.
  Very 70's retro. Simple in a nice way.
  I like the "showing the breasts" top and those high brown boots
  as well. Très, très l'annee des soixante-dix.   

  Samuel Dong F/W 2011

  Samuel Dong had some interesting pieces, like the Alexander
  MCQueen -inspired red jacket, and the organza trench coat
  with NY skyline screen print on the hem. I once made a dress
  with Stockholm skyline hand-painted on it.
  But I really don't get the eyeshadows on the models.
  Do you?

  ENVERS By Yves Jean Lacasse F/W 2011

 I absolutely love this peasant empire/Spanish romanticism 1800's
feel to it. Very Odd Molly, too.

 CLUC Couture F/W 2011.
  The running models.

   The Bride. My boyfriend was like: "This looks like a condom".
Something I never reflected over at first but couldn't agree more
on. The rest of the collection is cool tough.
Futuristic warriors.

   Soïa & Kyo F/W 2011

  LOVE LOVE LOVE these retro sunglasses! I have a couple of them.
  I have a thing for duffel jackets and fur, too.
  Camel + blush are also two upcoming colors for 2011, which is
  nice for my pale skin.   

My wonderful boss Elaine is doing a interview with fashion
television. You can watch it for yourself here. It's about 33
minutes into the clip.

Us, happy and packed like donkeys with goodiebags!


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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