Denis Gagnon F/W 2011          Very avant-garde yet wearable. Post-Apocalyptic
          with a sweet, ladylike twist.
          I like: The models hairdo. I will have to attempt
          to make myself one sometime.
          The crochet.
          The black fur. Especially the fur boots. I hope
          it's fake or recycled. 

            De Telio

So here are my four favorites from the fashion students.
I love the leather corset in this last picture. Amazing work
they've done!
I dragged my boyfriend with me to the Barlia show. He was kind of
confused about the whole thing.

            Barila F/W 2011

            I'm dying to have that black hairy miniskirt.
            And one of those wonderful floppy hats with
            laser cutouts. Nom Nom Nom.

            Marie Saint Pierre F/W         I utterly love this minimalistic elegance. The hats!
         The simplicity with strict, classy lines. The coat with
         a masculine yet feminine cut. Confusing yet lovely at
         the same time! The jersey costume is interesting
         as well, like Hey, I can do yoga in my business suit!
         Fun. Creative. Trendy.    

Semaine mode de Montreal

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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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