Swedish caravan summer – Roller girl

      Pictures from a tired but sunny Sunday, summer 2009.
      Me and my darling lived in this 1960's caravan that
      goes great together with Le Citroên DS from -73 in the
      background here. This was literally a "Swedish caravan
      vacation" since we brought this little baby to music
      festivals and other camps around the country. The caravan
      was fully equipped with dishwasher, microwave machine,
      big screen TV, barbecue grill, fonduepot - you name it!

      It was SO much fun! I get nostalgic sometimes and want
      to go to Sweden summertime and live in this again.
      I miss Foten and Tjejen sometimes too. Foten's real name
      is Felix and he is an eccentric but very smart old man.
      We had the caravan right outside his workshop all of the
      time we weren't away, so we spent some time with him and
      his favorite cat Tjejen. Foten means "The Foot" in Swedish
      and Tjejen means "The girl".

      For you Swedish readers, imagine this old man with his
      overloaded workshop filled with junk and other projects,
      his fav. cat and now what's that?  Pettson & Findus.
      Upp i dagen.
      I'll tell you more about Foten another time.
      I'm just glad I got to meet that interesting person.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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One Response to Swedish caravan summer – Roller girl

  1. very beautiful shots with a beauty!
    and I love in-line-skating! LOL

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