This is gonna keep me laughing all day.

     DO. Say what you will about Spanish gangster dudes, but I
     like‘em. They have names like “Smiley”, “Stinky” and
     “Sunshine” and ride kids’ bikes like these, all in the hopes
     that someone will be dumb enough to say something they can
     kill them over.

            Running away from home is adorable at any age.
           Nils Holgersson!

          DO. Over 60 percent of what we say is communicated
          via body language. This gesture is saying,
          “I big-upped Vice on Proj Run so I could dress like
          a sex-addict IP guy and THEY still make me a DO.”
      DO. While you guys are texting me to say that you can’t come
     out because you're “super tired” this girl didn’t even
     let death-by-drowning get in the way of a good night.
     Can I get some more friends like her please?

        DON'T. Something tells me I would be physically incapable
       of agreeing with anything that comes out of this
       guy’s post-steampunk mouth. He could be reading
       my mom’s homemade brownie recipe aloud and I’d
       still be like, “Fuck that. NO.”

           DON'T. Who’d have guessed that new Devendra Banhartt/
          Ke$ha/ New York Dolls collaboration is a piece
          of shit.

           DON'T. I retook this photo like, 9 times and every time
          it came out with this cringey fake vintage Flickr
          coloration thing. I thought it was broken, but
          after this guy walked off I took another photo and
          it was fine. Weird.

           DON'T. Any old asshole can fingerpaint “wisdom”
          and “good action” (?) on their sleeves, but few
          have what it takes to step out into the public
          sphere and bring those words to life.

           DON'T. I had no idea how exhausting making me
          eternally grateful for my genes and early
          upbringing was.

            DON'T. If I’d spent $10 billion on a jacket
           and $6 squillion on my face I’d expect to not
           look like Kaa from The Jungle Book in a tranny wig.
           DO. When most people call someone “ahead of their
          time,” they’re usually thinking in terms of
          years or decades. Rarely geological eras.

           DON'T. Why are religious people so proud of how
          totally fucking clueless they were? For example, these
          ridiculous cones are from 700 years ago when doctors
          told them burning herbs on your head makes you immune
          to the plague. What? The bible should change its name
          to When We Were Retards. 

      DO. You know when you see something in another country with
     English words written on it that are basically nonsensical
     because it looks cool, and the person who owns it has no
     idea what it means? Like a child’s backpack in Japan that
     says “Obama Harry Potter Dragonball Z Brad Pitt”? This car
     is just like that.

    DO. Because I love everything with this outfit. Especially the
    sunglasses, the color of the coat and the horsebit buckles.

           DON'T. Watching too many foreign art films is
           really, really bad for the shoes.            DO. Contemplative Ghanaian bicycle dancers may not
           be representative of much of the earth's population,
           but I still think this is the guy we should send
           to meet the aliens. It's a good look for us.

          Pretty much all of these pictures and the text is from
          VICE. I love them for making me laugh so hard.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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