Motorcycle + Girl + Boy = Love

The first motorcycle trip of 2011 started when my pretty boy
picked me up from work at ERA Vintage wear. Elaine demonstrated
how freezing it was outside and I must say she is fabulous no
matter how cold it is and that's something very few can pull off!

Riding a motorcycle is too much fun. I lean back as much as I can
and I always wonder where the limit is for actually falling off.
I want to know the physics. I want to try sometime like a stunt,
but off-road of course. Flying like a bird. It's relieving
(or just stupid). I wish I could ride the bike myself but it's
too old, too big and too heavy.

It's a Honda from 1974 and it reminds me of THIS. It's about 1.30
into the video clip. Or here you can see more of the actual
motorcycle trip but it's an uncut version so it's longer.
It's by the way one of my  favorite movies, Factory girl.
Beautiful bike. I don't like the new stuff. Vintage all over!

So we went up on the Mont-Royal mountain and made out like
teenagers, watching the Montreal skyline. Warm kisses high
above town. So romantic.
Spring is definitely here.

Jackets from Screaming Eagle, Sunglasses Urban Outfitters,
gloves H&M. Elaine is probably wearing vintage. .. 
"A vintage coat from the 60s ( Dior), a vintage dress from 
the 70,s (Albert Nippon), a Chanel scarf from the 2000 
collection (almost vintage!) but a pair of this season 
Madison Harding fabulous boots!" She says. 
The only great place for vintage is ERA, I say.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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