TV-Segment about ERA Vintage Wear

Last Saturday at ERA Vintage Wear was close to crazy! In a good way.
We had a lot of American tourists from Georgia, of them a couple
that decided to go all the way to Montreal just to visit the
famous clothing shop! No wonder, ERA is a cool, fresh, stylish and
fierce experience for anyone really. It's so good Jean Paul Gauthier
himself had to visit the shop in November last year. 

But ERA and fashion genius Elaine Leveille got even more great
attention last weekend, because in the middle of a huge rush of
clients, arrived a Montreal stationed TV team to make a little
segment about vintage clothing and therefore also ERA.
They shoot Elaine in action working on a dress for a costumer and
did some interviews with us.
I was nervous. My first TV-interview ever. No virgin anymore. 

It will be shown on TV in Dubai and probably sold to other
countries. It will be on a YouTube channel too, so I'll
let you stay tuned about that in upcoming blog posts.
Good for you since you don't want to miss out on
1. The place I'm working at in Montreal: The best vintage shop
in town!
2. My first TV-interview.
3. The amazing dress Elaine wore. If I had a picture of It I would
show you, but this is the only 2 pictures the TV guy sent to me. 

I'm wearing a 50's dress "The Porcelain Dress"
from ERA Vintage Wear. Hat, ERA as well.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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One Response to TV-Segment about ERA Vintage Wear

  1. HEIDI says:

    So very proud,Elaine!!

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