What happened to beauty?

I love fashion, but what happened to REAL beauty? Why does all
of a sudden models have manly faces (or extremely childish),
small eyes, thin lips, wide noses and ears peaking out? 
When did ugly become pretty? Is there a great explanation to this
era of ugly faces?
Commonly understood in the fashion industry is the concept that
runway models are not the main attraction, but merely human coat
hangers, used to display designers’ wares.
But a beautiful face would not distract me from looking at the
clothes, on the contrary - I want to see beautiful creations worn
by beautiful faces. And healthy faces! Not girls that look like
Sorry for sounding very superficial, but the fashion industry is
very much about that, and is now pretending to be down to earth
by totally hitting the ugliness.
Dear Fashion industry, stop pretending to be non superficial,
we are used to superficial by now. So, ugly faces? Seriously?

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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