Boudoir & Burlesque night at Velvet

I decided spontaneously to go to the Burlesque night (by Cirque
de boudoir) at Velvet. I thought it could be fun.
The Dj's should have played Electro Swing instead of that stuff
they played but everything was good except that.
They had 2 girls doing a strip tease, which was really entertaining!
But it was actually more fun to observe the audience than the
Burlesque dancer. Some people looked SO chocked it was ridiculous.
I mean, calm down, it's all for fun and more of a sultry, ironic
story-telling than anything found at a real strip-club.
In general a really fun night! The place where Velvet is located
is so old (well it's in old port), substantional and beautiful.
You're partying in this robust stone cellar with real lid candles.
A chamber for sin. Wicked. Can't be better! Just watch out you 
don't get too drunk or you'll fall in the stone stairs.
Check out their page here
Cirque de boudoir here 

Red belt made by me. Striped dress that is hidden by feathers, 
some pinup shop from LA. 
Shoes Agent Provocateur. 
Earrings H&M. 

By the way, some photos are taken by Kelso Rebel and not me.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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