Let them eat cake!

And oh did I eat cake? I OVERATE dem stupid cakes!! I had to roll
home and sleep the rest of my Sunday. But everything good comes with
something bad, at least we have cake. Cake will save the world.

You can enjoy a fantastic "Sunday musical brunch"  at the Mount
Stephens house in Montreal (Drummond street).
George Stephen (born 1829) built the Canadian Pacific railroad
and became so wealthy he built a crazy house inspired by Italian
renaissance palaces. His house became what we today call Neoclass

Me and Maurizio decided to try it out, and we did not get disappo
-inted. The food and service is beyond perfect and its all you can
eat for about 2 hours before going on a guided tour of the house.
You eat and listen to a harpist playing. Very classico. 

The house was built with 3000 carpenters and hired architects from
England, France and Italy. It's wood work is so beautiful (it's
Cuban mahognay) and the small details so lavish you will just walk
around and gape all day. I think my favorites are the miniature 3D
installations in frames of the different parts of the house, and
the woven medallion tapestries. Oh just imagine the time it took
to make them! 

When you roll around the dessert table you will feel like nothing
but a French princess with too much good to eat.Yes so bring your loved one here for a nice Sunday brunch!
Everyone deserves a Marie Antoinette evening every once in a while.
It's on 1440 Drummond street (between Masionnueve and St.
Open to the public every Saturday night and Sunday lunch.
See their website here

I'm wearing:
Shoes, Vintage 
Black dress, Forever 21 a few years ago(!) 
Black bag, ERA Vintage wear 
Sheer frill blouse, made by me 
Pearls worn backwards, H&M 
Earrings, H&M 

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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4 Responses to Let them eat cake!

  1. Jessica says:

    Vilken mysig blus du sytt Cilla!
    & det ser verkligen mysigt ut på bilderna (:

  2. Cath says:

    Cecilia ! Fint bloggande ! Enda jag tycker inte tycker om är att inläggen är så långa? Svårt att få överblick. Lägg upp en del av bilderna i typ flickr o länka sen, nu tar det en evighet att läsa hela inlägget och man vet inte var man är. Det här inlägget har liksom 30 bilder? Nä, minska storleken och antalet :))) tycker jag i alla fall!

    • Hej! Tack för din åsikt! Du har rätt att det blir tungt att läsa. Ibland har jag svårt att välja bort bilder om det är många som jag tycker bra, men jag måste skärpa mig på den biten!
      Ska försöka..

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