Photos with Elephants – Vintage Circus

Vintage Circus feel.

The stylist Thao and the assistant Cecilia.
 Assistant Annie
Assistant Anicko 
Our cars were packed with stuff and pops.
We had quite a lot of fancy dresses too. Here you see some from
ERA Vintage Wear and BCBG Max Azria.
Pink feathers always makes everything feel very vintage circus.
Shetland-horses will always make my little horsegirlheart melt.
More cute animals. This is a Lo-cat?
Fun props.
Freezing model
Golden fingerpaint
ERA!The McQueen ring!
We were working for 3 long days with getting the jewelry and 
clothes, driving to Toronto and last of all: Shoot the pictures
and dress-undress the models. Stressful but fun!
The pictures are the most amazing ones with the sweet elephant
Limba in the background. Glitter and feathers, beautiful models
and then this elephant somewhere in the middle of the picture.
You will see! I'll show you when The Global Mail releases it.
We were working on the outfits in a room just next to the big
circus hall (where they did the photoshoot), and every time
one section of photos were done, let's say every 30 minutes, Limba
the elephant took a break and walked by us on her way out. It was
a really narrow path in between props and our set-up wardrobe so 
It felt really surreal each time I looked up on this huge elephant.
It's like: Okay, so today I'm assisting a photoshoot with 
elephants. That's dope.

Want more vintage circus? Check out my blog post for the movie
Water for Elephants here.

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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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