Blue cheese sauce and Mulberries

Saturday Chicken BBQ receipt with the awesome bluecheese sauce
AND the magnificent dessert; Chevre cheese with Mulberry.

You need:
Chicken file’s

Some Blue cheese
Milk, butter, flour, white pepper

Asparagus, Mushrooms

Chevre cheese, a few Almonds and Mulberry jam (you can find this under the name “Hjortronsylt”
at IKEA).

Chicken fillets. Grill the bone part for your cats.Chop the ends of the asparagus. Chop them in half.Put in boiling water for about 4 minutes.
Until they get soft. SALT!
Put your boiled asparagus in a form and let 2 spoons
of butter melt on top of it. Stir. Put some (field)
mushrooms on top. Place in the BBQ. Start to
grill the vegetables (still in the form) and the chicken.
Carefully melt 3 big “spoon-rolls” of butter in a small skillet.
It should be middle to low heat.
Put a brimful big spoon with flour and stir slowly. Add about
1 cup of milk
SLOWLY while whipping and letting it get thicker. Whip until it’s smooth. Add some white pepper. Continue whipping
while it get’s thicker. Remember: Medium-low heat. Let it take some time.
Add some blue cheese. I added this and a little bit more.
Let it melt.If you’re not a big fan of blue cheese, go easy on
it and taste before adding more. Mine looked like this and I had quite much blue cheese in it.
This was strong. By now the veggies and the chicken should be done in the BBQ.
Serve it all with some bread! Voilá! Give the bone part to the kitten. You can prepare the dessert before eating and grill it slowly with the food.
Cut the chevré in half. Put it on a plate with Mulberry jam and almonds on top.
Grill slowly until it has melted. It should look something like this. It’s SO good you’ll cry.Eat it all with some rose wine and be happy and enjoy the summer. The adorable 50’s skirt (with all paper tickets still attached!)
is one of the yard sale
finds. It’s stickers said: “The new
longer length” and very proudly in big letters:
“100% POLYESTER”.  So 50’s.


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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