Grand prix Formel 1 weekend

So for the big Grand Prix weekend in Montreal (Formel 1), Me,
Maurizio and Peter decided to have a little Jäegermeister
pre-party at home before going out. I used to smuggle those baby
bottles of Jäeger in my bra at festivals a few years ago, or
very Mc Gyver: Tape them to my thighs and hide them under my
graduation dress. Awesome!

I liked the way my painting of Maurizio in the background kind
of makes me look like a blonde Amy Winehouse.

We decided to go to a club. But almost all clubs in Montreal has
got a tacky crowd with ugly clothes. We ended up at Club 1234.
Tacky.We watched people from the comfy sofas and drank more alcohol
to compensate.  As usual, the DJ sucked. Me and Peter never take it seriously
though, or rather, we never expect anything, so we just dance
to the crappy music and do all those silly charades just to make
even more fun of the music.Maurizio always hangs by the bar. Which is fine. Totally fine. PINK PARTY

After the last couple of Jäeger shots, we immediately realized
we need some crappy hamburgers to survive the night.


more Americana junk!

the night continued with some Irish folk music at Hurleys! Yarr!

Slow dance

then off to Brutopia for an UTOPIA of LIVE ROCKMUSICLika som bärThis is how Rock n roll you’ll look after kissing with lipstick and
dancing. Totally fine. I’m forgiven. 

My Sex Pot dress is a Betsey Johnson.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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