God gave them over photoshoot.

Photoshoot at Davids apartment. I did the styling. First out was Damien,
taking a rosé wine break

This is what we were eating all day. Plus several bottles of rosé!
This is the largest strawberry
I’ve seen so far. We kept it until someone
got munchies and ate it!We worked hard, too. Here shooting William in my boyfriends shirt.David has got a lot of sweet stuff on his walls.Like this huge poster. It’s David himself on top. Love it!
Two of my favorite photographers, Juan and David ❤David le photographer himselfFreedom (yes he had hippie parents!) was one of the boys in the shoot. Here’s some of the results; There’s a whole session of several boys and girls but the pictures are
in progress so I’ll keep you posted when they’re done. And also, David named it “God gave them
over photoshoot”, and I must say the results is not of this world:Damien and the vest I made from scratch and hand-embroided for my boyfriends birthdayI cannot take credit for this styling, but she looks just so perfect. I like the cat-earrings.Williams photo is legendary. My boyfriends shirt from Urban Outfitters is legendary, too.

I just had an awesome day, meeting all these new people, style them all in my own clothes,
drinking wine and having a blast for like 7 hours.
And oh, we were listening to this awesome song all day, I will always remember the photoshoot at Davids apartment when I hear it:


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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