that Jean Paul Gaultier.

This is a long post with a lot of pictures. I made it for all of you fashion lovers out there.
Me and Jacqueline went to see the Jean Paul Gautier exhibition at the Museum of fine artsall the mannequins were talking and singing, just like life-size sims. Only a thing like that!
Mermaids with seashell corsets and lace skirts
JPG for photographer David LaChapelleMe and my vintage cone bra that I put glass beads on, and Madonna of course.Madonnas behindSorry for all the pictures. I’m just in love with this.Fashion illustration for a Madonna tour
Black organza top, made by me, striped vest Urban Outfitters, pink lace gloves H&M
On to the creepy and bizarre section. Inspired by biology books by any chance?Veins. Cool.I dolled Jacqueline up for this special occasion in my clothes and with tons of makeup!More biology. All rhinestones. The creation Dita Von Teese wore as you can see here: Dita with JPG“Equestrian Dominatrix”, Madonna by Steven Klein 2006. Top hat with real horse hair.mohawk milf.fiskfjäll
Classic tweed. I love this irony.Oh la la Paris!Because you can-can-can!Sir PunkassMatching in my awesome “Made in Scotland-100% wool” kilt I got from Elaine!birds got killed.the most amazing folklore dress I’ve ever seen. unbelievable.where comfy meets stylishAsia
Okey, you get it – Go and see this exhibition if you have the chance! It’s by far the most
incredible fashion exhibition I’ve ever seen. All the details got me dizzy when I started to
look closer and realized how much time that must have taken to do. Only a thing like the
adorable talking mannequins! I feel like going there one more time just to let it sink in!

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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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