NYC: Sex and the city

Yep you got it right, we went to Carrie’s (Sex and the city) doorstep, went bananas and
took a shitload of pictures just like real fangirls. 66 Perry Street.  Catherine were a bit more mature than I and decided she was fine with a few pictures of her and the stairs. I wanted at least 5 pictures for every pose and action.
The result of this is below. You even have the classic “Carrie smoking on the stoop”!

Magnola Bakery, 401 Bleecker Street, is just around the same block.It’s super tiny and they have all kinds of cakes and cupcakes.They really make the most out of being a slightly famous bakery!They have pretty floors,and they sell cute little aprons for adults and kids.Me buying another iced coffee.

Then we walked around the block and visited the Marc Jacobs store where Cath found amazing wedges on 60 percent off (!). And so we walked a few more blocks to enjoy the High Line, originally a NY central rail road from the 1930’s turned into a parc.
Cool. Read more about that here.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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