NYC: Seashell beads, cowboy rockstars and gigantic 鯉魚 fishes

We went shopping on and close to Broadway street. This is Screaming Mimis, one of the most famous shops for vintage clothing on 382 Lafayette Street.  Although, I was not too impressed. The staff was not very helpful and sighed deeply of laziness when I asked if I could see the designers section upstairs (that was locked).
And the clothing was not to impressing and way overpriced. If you live in Montreal you really don’t need to shop vintage in New York. But overall the store is cute and all I bought was a pair of 70’s sunglasses for a decent price. 
Religion on 286 Lafayette Street has got some really nice punk/rock stuff for trendwhores. But be prepared to pay 300 dollars for a t-shirt with some stones on it.
I fell in love with a striped t-shirtdress with a Debbie Harry print. Check out their website here.Cath is crazy about taking sweet pictures of wallpapers and decor details! This
was in a restroom at a Chinese restaurant we stopped by at.A nice little landing with a pool full of carps surrounding it.They were so big. Sick.Then we walked Broadway and did all the shops, Unico, Victorias Secret, Zara, TopShop and my new favourite: All Saints on 512 Broadway StreetI really love this rock cowgirl feel to it! Leather, Crochet, glitter, sand.The shoes and the decor behind it.Heavy rustic beading on everything! And they have an amazing range of leather jackets.You know when you stumble over a dress that you really want? I mean REALLY want.
That happens a few times in a regular store, maybe twice a year. You see this darling
full of SEASHELL beads, pearls and silk and love and peace and beauty? If the price wouldn’t have been $500 it would be sitting in my closet right now. We ended the long, hot shopping spree with a cold ice cream in Little Italy.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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