SMM: Barilá – Anastasia Lomonova – Label Europe

Note: These are my own pictures. If you want to borrow, contact me first. Thanks!

Barilá Spring/Summer 2012
The Barila show was really pretty. Very Swedish 70’s style: Substantional cotton fabrics in brown and denim shades. It all looks very peasant and home made. Weaving chairs and farms. I love the hair too. I had a hairdo like that at a party when I was younger, matched with a dress I made out of garbage bags. Check it out here.

Anastasia Lomonova Spring/Summer 2012Miss Lomonova really knows how to design sexy dresses for independent women. Neutral colored, sheer fabrics with a raw twist in the shape of neon colored jewelry and details.
Classic, timeless yet avant garde. Multo bravo!

The Label Europe show consisted of 7 different European designers. First out was

Katharina Kruppe from Germany
 Very dreamy, cute and fresh with flowers and nice hand printed fabrics. Modern folklore that reminded me a little about the Swedish label Odd Molly, which is great!

Rhum Raisins Classy, chic, extravaganza, frills, feminine, bows, sharp cut leather  accessories, urban pockets etc. Eye Candy -show! My favorite is the frilled back on the black dress, which is like a exaggerated version of the sheer white blouse I made in 2009.

Les chats perchés
Classy, chic – not too avant garde. Great fabrics. I like the shoes on the girls and the hats are really funny.

Finnegan-Bell Oh how retro and awesome isn’t this? Trumpets! It really made me smile.

85/86Tailored details, sharp yet feminine. Perfect! I’d like to have the black cape.

CeliaCzerlinski – Handbag and belt designerVery timeless pieces.

Eugène BijouxI love big knits. Easy to make and oh so freaking grunge! Cool.

THEN I had run and grab a taxi from Marché Bonsecours and straight to the Montreal hockey arena, Bell centre, for a Pearl Jam concert in an almost private loge. Don’t believe it?
See for yourself here.


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