SMM: UNTTLD – Mélissa Nepton – Dimitri Chris

Note; Some of these pictures are my own, some are from the SMM-website.

So Montreal Fashion week no.21 is here! Designers, models, shows, champagne, people, hysteric running between the showroom and the coctail lounge, photographers, journalists, extravaganza and Chanel lipsticks.

Let me start this first SemaineModeMontreal-post by introducing the UNTTLD Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
They introduced themselves, to my delight, with a black leather poem:

“Boots, pants, motorcycle,
All in gear for battle
Petal to the metal
At the speed of scandal

Striking Devil,
flames in your eyes
Living like a rebel
I on your thighs”

I couldn’t help but think of the tv-show True Blood and how the vampires in the past episodes have to place silverchains on themselves as protection against the forces of sunlight and witchcraft. We all remember the scenes of putting those chains on the throats and how they corrodes the skin and drill down to the flesh, right? I even found myself sitting there thinking why there was no blood and fleshy wounds on the models throat/wrists. Ok silly, back to business;
The clothing was very interesting; Smart solutions, sharp cuts, simple yet full of attitude and very sexy. I love the lightweight fabrics. I think we all do, since we refuse to admit that summer is almost over. I can’t wait for Spring 2012.

Next lady out on Tuesday night was Melissa Nepton, a very inspiring designer that I discovered last Fashion week in February.  Her collections always look very comfortable, urban and modern. She’s like an architect from Helsinki! I could easily picture myself wearing every piece in her collections!
Light weight fluid fabrics, asymmetrical shapes and plenty of cool layering. A fresh, sporty retro look to it with those plastic screens also make my heart beat faster. She showed a little range of resort pieces like tunics and sheer cardigans too. Melissa Nepton makes me just wanna go play tennis or attend a hot summer pool party with her entire collection and a popsicle in hand. And I would be so hot and cool in her tunics my popsicle would melt of heat and fear.

Last one out was Dimitri Chris. My little sailor heart jumped of happiness when I saw how they had rebuilt the catwalk into an illusionary dock. The decor with the naked light bulbs was aslo really charming and soft. 
I love that poppy blue in this context. Spot on! Very cute printed textiles with tiny red sailboats, brown leather, 1930’s gentlemen and sailing in Sweden in an old wooden classic boat. Very beautiful. I can already hear the seagulls, breathe the crisp air and smell the marine varnish.


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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