Denis Gagnon S/S 2012 at Birks

I crawled out of bed in my Pearl Jam hungover and thought to myself that too much fun is happening at the same time. Like, what’s next? Champagne for breakfast? So I put on my most harsh and odd and sexy self -designed dress and went to Birks, which is Montreal’s equivalence to Tiffany’s in New York, for the Denis Gagnon “Denise au jardin” show!I tripped through the revolving doors and got pushed out on the other side and into this massive, very pompous building filled with classical lounge music, champagne, jewelry and golden chairs!I thought to myself “This is what Harry Potter felt like when he ran through that wall of bricks at platform 9 3/4”. Pure magic.

We sat on golden chairs.With all the movie stars!These ladies makes me wanna go redhead again!
Sylvain, Dress to kill magazine editor as well as Ewa.Beautiful Christine Elizabeth Parade from Vigilant Fashionista, I finally met her!
Great style, again.

The Denis Gagnon show was like enjoying a 1920’s silent movie live! At Birks! Try to imagine it! Sporty, crispy, sexy, fresh cuts in silk and leather topped with a sultry cotton retro -printed flower fabric. It was truly a pleasure for the eye to watch this spectacle! Models were running through the reverse doors into Birks from outside of the street, continued to run around super fast inside between our seats and jewelry counters, like chased butterflies accompanied to lovely old french music.

The gazette put it spot on like this:

“Models pushed through revolving doors, then traipsed down the aisles to French chansonniers like Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour, skipping and twirling in a truly fun orchestration by Dick Walsh, also the show’s stylist.

Among standout pieces, accessorized with floral knapsacks or pochettes, oxfords or tennis shoes, and leather bras: a black chiffon tuxedo shirt with white pleated bib and cuffs; a pleated satin taupe kimono dress, belted at sleeve edges and waist; a cream satin romper, strapless but belted at the top of the bodice (how much fun, and how clever, is that?)”

Photos courtesy of Semaine Mode Montreal and Jimmy HamelinAfter that, the party at noon continued and we all got as much champagne as we wished, and french macaroons. Which is pretty much what my breakfast consisted of!Denis Gagnon in interview with TV.And so we wrapped up and I took this picture to show you that gift boxes at Birks are almost as pretty at the ones at Tiffanys.

Want to see more from the Denis Show?
Check out the Semaine mode de Montreal webpage and also Christine at Vigilant Fashionista posted a video on her blog.

I went home and slept & recovered until I went over to Marché Bonsecours again for some additional fashion shows. Click here for more info.


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