Dress to Kill launch party

Tuesday, fashionweek. The dress to kill launch party at the W hotel.
I was modelling for the cinema issue in a beauty shoot. Great times, great people;
Me and the bella donnas in hot leopard prints!Me and my friend Simon! Take a look at his artwork here.Maurizio and me.In this bar, a few months ago, me, Sarah and Catherine promised each other that we
have to go to NY together for the McQueen exhibition. And we did. I’m proud of us!The amazing girl, Jessica LaBlanche, that did parts of the make up, and awesome Patrick Vimbor (middle), that did all the styling at the shoot!Jessica looks too fierce to not put 2 pictures!Hot rod!
Catherine, Sarah and their friend!I had to say Hi to Denis and congratulate him for the amazing show I was lucky to witness earlier that day at Birks!A Montreal fashionista icon and the magazinecover.We love buns!And we love hawt leopard dancing. And Catherines awesome sense of 60’s style. Check out her webshop here.The New York trio; Sarah, Catherine and I!And last but not least a big THANK YOU to Ewa for wanting me as a model in her magazine in the first place. Rock on, sister!


I’m wearing; Bordeaux Velvet blazer, Simons, Pearls, H&M, Panama hat, vintage


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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