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lovely strangers.

I was gonna grab a coffee with this Swedish guy, Dan, that just moved to Montreal when … we randomly met some new people that caught our attention with a Polaroid camera!There’s nothing more fun than to meet new people. The … Continue reading

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George’s farm

GEORGES FARM PART 1 So we drove out to Georges farm to borrow his van. For the pinball game. George is the locksmith that rents the garage next to ours, we have known him since the beginning of Montreal and … Continue reading

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Arcade fire

I and Maurizio went to see the free Arcade fire show at Montreals festival spot Place des arts, sponsored by Pop Montreal. It was one of the most massive outdoor concerts I’ve ever seen! It was so crowded we had to … Continue reading

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chilly sunday chill

The flollowing Sunday was such a fat hungover day. We went chilling at the vantage point.I didn’t even know she was taking pictures of us. Isn’t it funny how we’re standing the same? Our legs there? Cute.Montreal vantage point up … Continue reading

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Blue dog trash plateau peanutnoodles

Matilda, old streetdance friend from my hometown, came up to Montreal one sunny but darn cold weekend in October. Turned out she lives in Stowe, like 2 hrs from here!We put on our hoodies and listened to some old school … Continue reading

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The photoshoot at Taverne Square Dominion

It was a nice summer day in July that the shoot with Dress to kill magazine took place.At the rustic and elegant Dominion bar. Copper warm water heater! I love the fact that they once upon a time sold cigars. Old … Continue reading

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