The photoshoot at Taverne Square Dominion

It was a nice summer day in July that the shoot with Dress to kill magazine took place.At the rustic and elegant Dominion bar. Copper warm water heater! I love the fact that they once upon a time sold cigars. Old posters are the real deal.And boys on old bikes!The wig that was used on me – Beautiful Bardot style.The crazy makeup a la Nicolas Blanchet, and the crazy 4000$ furcoat!The other model, Kelly, getting her eyebrows back to normal (from beeing bleached)!Le make up artist and meWhat I would look like bold and make up artist Jessica LaBlance.Beautiful Ewa decided to keep us all for some drinks and celebration after our long shootThe photographer We ate some really kick-ass garlic-bacon mussels,…and just as awesome fries. Hey you fries lovers, can you see how crispy that stuff is?
And not to mention how adorably served it is in that copper bowl with a horseshoes. 1243 Metcalfe. One of the oldest bars in Montreal, built in the 20´s. They have really good food and really, really well made drinks! And a pretty cool crowd according to Ewa.

And psst, if you haven’t grabbed yourself a Kill magazine yet, I will post the pictures from
the magazine soon.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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