Blue dog trash plateau peanutnoodles

Matilda, old streetdance friend from my hometown, came up to Montreal one sunny but darn cold weekend in October. Turned out she lives in Stowe, like 2 hrs from here!We put on our hoodies and listened to some old school rap music to get in the mood!Someone else is taking pictures of our home and us, for a change. Interesting!And so Me and Matilda went out on the plateau at some place called Blue dog that was suppose to be a great hang out with old school hip hop but it was more old rock and the place really had no air conditioning and it was dripping from the ceiling like someone is constantly pouring a drink over you. I mean, go there if you’re 17 and don’t give a shit, but it’s like a sauna of bacteria that will get you sick and you will need to run out on the street every 15 minutes to breathe. We partied with the kids for a while and then we headed to that super cheap noodle place on St Laurent where you get spring rolls and noodles and peanut sauce in the middle of the night for like 3 bucks. HEAVEN.
Some low quality pics from my camera:
Sequin bird shirt, Vintage, hat, Matildas



About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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