lovely strangers.

I was gonna grab a coffee with this Swedish guy, Dan, that just moved to Montreal when … we randomly met some new people that caught our attention with a Polaroid camera!There’s nothing more fun than to meet new people. The more random, the better!Yeugena had this Fujifilm Instax that made me drool. I’ve been wanting a Polaroid since I saw the movie, my one and only big favourite, Almost Famous when I was 13. Here’s Yeugena and Dan, holding the magic.Dan and LaurenceMore lovely ladies; Laurence and Priya. And our shoes. Then we decided to spend the afternoon together.We walked around the plateau and found an inspiring and expensive furniture shopDroolThe cutest pendulum that you can’t possess if you have cats at homeand then we went to buy some pineapple juice at this odd but awesome grocery store.Dan had funny glassesLaurence has got some fierce style too!And the clothing shops in the plateau has got trés cute decor. It so freaking hipster you’ll cry your eyes out and wish you were living in a fairy tale too!

And that was pretty much that day. Spent some good 3 hours with some wonderful strangers and before we all went home we promised each other to bond and have parties and make cupcakes and what not. It was a very cute afternoon!
Miss you guys!

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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