SMM: Samuel Dong, Abol and Rud by Rudsak

Here is the first post about my trip to Montreal fashion week, the shows I attended and the pictures I took of it. Enjoy!

Inspired by the 60´s woman, as he himself described it in his Winter-Fall 2012 booklet, but I would  say 60´s woman with a 80´s twist and a 90´s color/textile spectra. Fun collection shown to the tones of Elvis. I just wish he’d spend more money on the quality of the fabrics since a lot of his cuts are really interesting.

Dresses and gowns made out of organic textiles and raw wool, Abols design is inspired by surrealistic paintings and nature as art. I got a little bit of an McQueen feel to it but maybe it’s just the alien hairdos. Fun, mystic collection with a feeling of mythology queens on unicorns, fighting in the moonshine in a deep forest somewhere. 
Sexy on the pulka but no one thought about how brutally cold it must be walking around in plastic leggins. I love the moonboots though, I had hairy black ones like those when I was 15 and they looked really cute but fell apart and I have regular classic moon boots now, they’re just a bit hard to walk in.
Nothing new on the runway this year but we have to remember Rudsak is here to make warm jackets and nothing else. Thought It was a kind of stereotypical but also quite a quirky finish with the RUD-coffee mugs in the final. 


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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3 Responses to SMM: Samuel Dong, Abol and Rud by Rudsak

  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    this is so amazing!

    Loretta xx

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