SMM: Anastasia Lomonova, Lyn & UNTTLD


The last show of fashion week was about 25 minutes behind schedule.Models trying out the route..and let the show begin..

Very chic, sexy and sophisticated – Beautiful as always. Sheer, magic black dresses accompanied by dramatic grand music and dark accessories. In my head this show took place at the Catherine palace, St Petersburg. Maybe because her beautiful name reminds me of the many times I watched my favorite movie “Anastasia” as a child, or maybe because I see some kind of majestic and strict Russian excellence in her designs.
I enjoy looking at the cuts, it’s so pure and natural and still it’s like she is re-inventing the little black dress (or the long white one for that matter). There is such a strong attention to detail in her designs, and if you cannot see that you simply don’t know art. I love love LOVE the cuffs with leather fringes! You could use them as a whip.

Very different. Reminded me of burqas which is, to me, not a very possitive thing. And if you grew up with Sunes Jul and saw Anna in “Pulkapappa” you can’t keep yourself from cracking up when you see the winter inspired hoodie thing (pic 2). But that’s just me. I also was thinking of a chewing gum when I saw that unpractical white piece, but that’s also just me. However, I am impressed by the knitting technique for the hoodie to the left. It kind of reminds me of an armadillo, in a very cool way. 
I die.
Jag älskar det här.
I want this hip piece of hot-ass jewelry now (pic 1)! I love everything with chains looking beautiful in big quantities thoughtfully put together. The heavier the better, and if you create a sculpture with it you win my full attention and admiration.
Not to mention that knitted bronze sweater with such beautiful sidecuts (pic 4 and 8)!
This show really impressed me. Look for yourselves:

Now what a good lookin’ group of young, talanted and promising designers!


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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