Hello Jellyfish!

Diving in Key West

The virginity of diving is a huge deal for someone that has all her life had an extreme fear of swimming in water where she can’t feel the ground with her feet and detests swallowing salt water. Or for someone that has all her life had an overall fear of sea creatures. Someone said you have to overcome your biggest fears, so I drank a margarita in the bar and jumped on that tourist boat and before I knew better I was splashing around in the water like a puppy. I must admit that it would have been smart to try the diving mask and snorkel in a pool before the real deal, just to prevent looking like a drowning dork.
When I finally managed to manage the equipment and started to realize there’s a completely different world down there in the reefs, it was quite pleasant. I was amazed by the beauty, the textures and the patterns. And of course, the silence.
Maurizio and I swam around holding hands and the whole experience was simply out of this world. Out of this world and in somewhere else, in a small part of the brain yet to be discovered.
And after 2 hours of seawater that Budweiser was very welcomed.
Three cool things:

1. I was surprised by how hard some of the growth in the reef was. Like wood.
2. Having to bypass big, pink jellyfish that slowly and beautifully approached. Fear and amazement all at once. I tried to capture them with the shitty camera.
3. That we saw a sleeping nursing shark behind a rock and it was big as a horse. And I wasn’t even scared.

It was not the same kind of jellyfish and not as many, but this is definitely the feeling.


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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