Simply the best burger of your life. The Maurizio way.

This was the supper of the day.
This could be the best way to cure a hungover; Simply make yourself the best burger of your life. Not that simple once you’re a newbie, but for sure nothing tastes as good as a homemade burger with some homemade mayo.
My boyfriend pro will show you how.
Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. We used 9 eggs. You could use less.You will need a kitchen aid or a really nice friend that can stir.Add a touch of lemon. 1 table spoon approx on the amount of 9 egg yolks.SLOWLY pour olive oil while your kitchen aid or friend is stirring at a quite fast pace. Here it it very important to only add a few drops to begin with. Then continue to stir. Then, slowly add more olive oil until it looks like this. Don’t forget to add about a teaspoon salt, some garlic powder and a tablespoon mustard. The amount of mayo you get from 9 eggs will last for a month. Best mayo of your life!Then the steak. It better be room tempered. Sorry swedes, I know this costs about 30$ for you, but here in Canada you can actually buy this for 4.50$ at a good grocery store. Get a grinder for your kitchen aid. Now your friend can no longer help you. Grind until it sweats! It kind of looks like worms popping out when you watch this live. Hilarious.Ground pepper has got the best taste. Pepper & salt. If you want to do it the Cecilia style, add a bit of Smokey BBQ sauce. About the size of a palm. Start preparing the breads.On the top half: Mayo, a slice of tomato and some spinach salad. In that exact order.Now BBQ the meat and bacon like a pro!Add cheese. The Cecilia style exception: Add peanut butter and then an additional layer of cheese. This is such a 1950´s burger! You better try it. Watch your cat watching you. Do not burn the meat. Make it!

You could always add whatever you like to your burger, like mushrooms or blue cheese. We prefer not to go too far away from this classic burger, and neither do we enjoy onion or pickles. But that’s just us.
Further information from the burger-guru: To make the best burger in the world you would need the following; A farm with; pigs, cows, milkcows, hens for eggs, a tomato field, a wheat field, a seminolwheat field, a sesame field, olive trees, a spinach field, mustard plants and a peanut field. Nothing should be produced further away than 50m from the kitchen that also includes a bakery.
I think he might have gone crazy on making the best burger in the world. Man, I love him.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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6 Responses to Simply the best burger of your life. The Maurizio way.

  1. Is that really bacon? The best bacon is still Danish or British.

  2. hublitz says:

    There is only one way to do this, and sorry folks but theres only one man who is the master of making hamburgers, and thats Maurizio. Lots of love!

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