All that jazz!

After Juan’s party we hurried to the other side of town to the birthday party of Jessicaand Shayne. They booked a jazz band to play in their apartment and everything was very fancy. Tuxedos and vintage gals! It was one of those parties that made you feel like you had time travelled back to the 1940’s in a second.  Well, like the second we stepped in through the door!Fancy drinks, fancy hair, fancy everything!I made sure to capture Jessica’s look from all a angles. Like a paparazzi.I was wearing my fab vintage gown that reminds me of fancy tapestry. Me and Maurizio.
Smoking inside just like in the good ol’ days!Cylinder hats were definitely in the right placeShaynes mom was very stylish!Shayne keeps his bike indoors so I just had to take a picture with it. Dancin’ to the jazz all night long!It got late and people started to drop off.And right before we left someone jumped up on an old bike.
A very delightful evening in all of it’s aspects.
Congratulations you beautiful people, and many thanks for an amazing party!

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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