New world church of the holy sepulchre.

Tuesday June 19th. New Port, Rhode Island.

In Newport we found this B&B that awakened my Mumindalen childhood memories.
So much better than a hotel and the lady running the place makes the most amazing almond cookies!Lilla My.No the real reason why we went to New Port: The Newport tower.    Maurizio is fully convinced this tower was built be the norse settlemen in maybe the 1200’s. Most people want to believe this was originally a windmill from the 1600’s but there is many factors that proves it was not. One of them is that there is a fire place in the tower and why would you put a fire place in a windmill? Would be too dangerous. So considering the structure of the building, the arches and the round tower, there is a lot of buildings like that by the vikings in the 1100’s that are very similar to this.Then we met this eccentric guy that has written long articles on the wikipedia page and also several books; James Alan Egan. With his very own theory that took him several years to come to a conclusion with, this former math teacher believes it was the british philosopher John Dee, who worked for Queen Elizabeth in 1523. He gave us a long guided tour on the theory and  showed us how certain details in the tower, which he has studied for a very long time, turns out to be working as a time keeper, a camera obscura and also as a temple for christian rituals.Camera obscura!Beautiful old world maps.Mathematical backgrounds; strong, indestructible shapes.His idea on what the tower looked like in 1583. New word church of the holy sepulcher.

Anyhow, as a swede you want to still believe the theory on norse people building it 400 years earlier. At least until someone completely proves everybody else wrong.

Pictures of me looking very viking in front of the beautiful tower is to be found here.


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