Waist up. waist down.

One of my main reasons to go to New York was the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit at the Mets museum. They called the exhibit “Impossible conversation” and this was staged by a imaginary conversation between Prada and Schiaparelli throughout the exhibition spaces. A conversation based on thoughts and quotes from Schiaparelli and interviews from Prada. I would say the impossible in the conversation about fashion between the two colourful women is how they design(ed) clothes for women of completely different time eras. Schiaparelli for fine women in salons during the modernist era and Prada for women of today always on the run. The waist up/waist down alludes to how the designers work: Schiaparelli during the era when the beauty from the waist and up was at some points more important since women sat down a lot at dinners and in salons during the 1930’s cafe society. With Prada its somewhat more details on clothing from the waist and down which is for the modern yet feminine woman of today. Schiaparelli focuses more on fancy headwear whereas a Prada shoe could be very creative and fun to look at. Schiaparelli is also from a time when the more “crazy yet wearable” the better. Prada counter this with a sigh and says: “Well, Schiaparelli, you have to understand that everything has already been created today, we are just looking back on past decades, craziness in the same way as in the 30’s is not as fun anymore”.  Schiaparelli cooperated a lot with surrealistic artists such as Dali whereas Prada is doing all of the creative design herself with no compromising. And did you know that Schiaparelli was among the first to create wedge shoes in the 30’s? Or that she invented the foldable sunglasses?
A truly interesting exhibit about these 2 women and their creative work. Read the book if you do not have the chance to see it live.
Sorry for the few and low quality pictures taken without permission with my iPhone.
Exotic collection. Prada.Chic naif. Prada.Classic body. Prada.Chic Naif. Prada.Hard chic. Schiaparelli. Detail of Schiaparelli dress with tiny, tiny kitchen wear all over! Then we walked around in the byzantine exhibition. I have a thing for everything byzantine.More byzantine jewellery.  I want these.The most amazing little tankards made out of wood.Yo byzantine bangles. For details on clothing see previous post.


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