Impossible project and the Lego store.

Friday June 22nd. Leaving a rainy New York and shopping in Delaware.
We visited the IMPOSSIBLE project head store on Broadway street.Another of my main reasons to go to NY: Buying polaroid film.  Me and my lovely Samsonite that looks like a 1950’s carseat. K, bye for now little new york.US shopping mall: Cool art at NordstromThose US malls have the most amazing stores, especially for kids. Heres the LEGO store.I love how their entire cieling with lamps looked like one giant piece of lego.Art interior at Anthropology.

I got an Autofocus 660 from my lovely boyfriend last birthday so I wanted to buy some film for it. The helpful girl in the store tested the camera and I learned that my flash is not working. So I can only take pics in daylight and outside. Not that I mind, Polaroid’s usually look its best during those circumstances.  So I got 3 packs of cool shade colour film and yeez my wallet was crying. I can’t believe they are 3$ a picture, precious little beauties! I promise to post some of the ones I took.

We drove off Manhattan and right into a rain storm somewhere in Delaware and decided to stop by a giant mall for a few hours since theres no taxes on merchandise. Apparently it was a giant sale on Mens wear at Nordstrom. I convinced Maurizio to buy a pair of blue/white striped shorts with navy blue ants embroidered all over, and a pair of nice brown leather shoes. I will show you his new fab outfit in a few posts. I, usually the shopping queen, could not find anything nice at Nordstrom at all, so all I bought was the famous HD powder from Make Up Forever at Sephora, and saved about 7$ by not having to buy it in Montreal. I really don’t want to make posts about beauty and all that, but I have to say, that powder is one of the best things I have ever purchased for my uneven and fair problem skin. Buy it if you have the same skin type and is looking for a make up solution that won’t let you down.

We took off in the evening to a place called New Old Castle. Our helpful expertise from Nordstrom told us we had to stop by there for some real colonial history and since we were on a road trip and had no plans, we gave it a shot. Like real vagabonds.


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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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