Planet Hollywood.

Wednesday June 27th. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
We stopped by in Myrtle beach on our way to Charleston so that we could get some sea.Then we got some free tickets from the hotel for this music show cabaret whatever.It sucked so badly the only thing worth mention is the Don’t put baby in the corner part. Everything else was just very corny and the cabaret artists looked as if they didn’t wanted to be on the stage at all. Worst of all was the quiet audience of charter tourists.We realized we had ended up in the most fake and plastic part of the American east coast so we decided to tag along on that path and went to Planet Hollywood for dinner.The burgers were not good and quite pricey but you only go there for the movie props.a life vest from the Titanic movie!Beautiful porcelain from the Titanic movie.and do you remember the evil doll?!an upside-down house.Me and the upside-down house.This is totally a Tom Wesselman picture. Pop art America go go go!
Best was probably the the two 12-something girls that stood for the longest time talking and looking at me and then they finally gained some courage to walk up to me and ask if they could have their father taking a picture with the three of us in front of the carousel.  Priceless.
Worst was everything else about Myrtle beach. Just a cheesy, plastic tourist trap. If you want some beaches go to Charleston instead. Its only a 3 hour drive away. The beaches there are just as amazing except from that there’s less families with screaming kids occupying them and no crazy bleached teeth everywhere you go. Charleston is also very old and charming.

We fled there as fast as we could the next day after our check out. Here.

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Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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