Monticello villa rotunda.

Friday June 29th. Monticello, Virginia.

And we drove off to Monticello. Maurizio drove like a robot for like 6 hours during the night through a tornado. I woke up because the car was shaking and I remember it was such a pain getting gas in the middle of the night since all the electricity was out at all gas stations.  
When we finally reached Monticello we drove to the house of Thomas Jefferson and slept in the car in a parking lot. And then you finally wake up in a hot car under the gazing sun and it feels like you haven’t had a shower for days and you need to change clothes in the car and cannot really put together a nice outfit.
Road trip times, oh sweet road trip times.

Monticello feels just like Italy! Its just as warm and the landscape looks the same.Robot boyfriend that drove all night. Love you baby.The grandiose house of Thomas Jefferson. You gotta show the world that you’re the president of America and the master mind behind modern democracy!Obviously he was inspired by Italy also in the design of this renaissance villa rotunda-house. I have a slight memory of seeing this house in an architecture book in school. Wine cellar door. I want a door like this. Sturdy. Steel. Wood.Big ass party in tha Jefferson house! Wine and dine til you die! Porcelain.Morgonbad. Farmland.and so we walked down the mountain.
Then I got this awesome drink book in the gift shop. This is where I find the recipe for beer battered beans, Dr pepper dip sauce with grilled shrimps wrapped in bacon, honeybee drinks, southern comfort drinks and other yummy alcohol based brewages served in beautiful crystal glasses. Very, very Southern USA.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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