the goldfinger dress.

I was invited to see the Antoine Laoun show from the Vip section at Festival Mode et design in August and I took Jacqueline with me.
I convinced her to wear black to look older because I was afraid they would not let her in with me.I was wearing the dress that made me feel like a golden goddess statue. Cant go wrong.The reason for my invitation is this shoot I did for Antoine Laoun and you can see it here or on St.Catherine or in the Montreal metro. It felt awkward and awesome at the same time to find a picture of myself in the goodie bag. Highlights from the Antoine Laoun show.Forever 21 highlights. Mondrian lookalike.I always meet Christine at all fashion events in Montreal! She is apparently known locally  in television here in Quebec but since I don’t have a TV at home I’m always clueless. One of my favourite pieces from UNTTLD that I also saw at fashion week in February.
The back is just amazing!And then we had these awesome feminists entering the stageThey got the chance to do some sexy moves before the security guards came running like angry elephants. And shortly after that we could enjoy some more Unttld. Maurizio came later on and bought me one of my favourites:  Dry martini. Perfect ending of a fabulous evening.

Festival mode et design is happening every year in August and is open to the public. Here is their website.

About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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