The perfect outfit for eating lobster.

And thats not my dress made out of garbage bags. 

DSC_0259kopiaThis is the pin-up-y outfit I thought would be perfect to eat tons of lobster in. DSC_0264 (kopia)Outfit from behind. Burlesque. DSC_0173 (kopia)Then we hit the village!DSC_0164 (kopia)And we had Jacqueline taking this picture of us with the cool car.DSC_0168 (kopia)Something’s telling me that we are not 100% sure in this picture if our little photographer can handle the giant camera!DSC_0231 (kopia)The little photographer aka my stepdaughter! DSC_0178 (kopia)Do I have to mention it took me until the age of 16 before starting eating shrimps?DSC_0192 (kopia)Im crazy about shrimp and seafood today but to brutally eat this I had to empower myself DSC_0212with rose.DSC_0184 (kopia)One happy manDSC_0185Then I got my hands dirty and loved it. Could totally go back to Maine and eat lobster only for like a week. Lobster omelet, lobster hot dog, lobster pasta sauce, lobster pizza, lobster butter, lobster hamburger, lobster salad, lobster pudding, lobster vine, lobster cheesecake, lobster cupcakes, lobster nutella.
Ok you get it.


About ceciliarosell

Swedish Montrealer with a special love for vintage, travelling, guys with beard, food and rock n' roll.
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