Who is Cecilia Rosell?

I was born and raised in Sweden. In a small, small town called Mora
in the heart of the country. Sweden is not Switzerland. We speak
Swedish and we do not understand German easily. Sweden export some 
seriously great music and cool movies, like Fever Ray, Robyn,
Let the right one in,The girl with the dragoon tattoo and labels
like Cheap MondayAcne, Fjällräven,The Local firm and more.

When I grew up, there wasn't very much to do in Mora unless you were
a big fan of hockey, skiing or other sports.
So I had an Icelandic horse named Tor. We used to take long trips
together in the beautiful forests around Mora. Summertime or
wintertime - it was always peaceful and magic. Even when it rained.
Like the tones of THIS.

When I grew older, I spended more time studying and dancing.
I danced Streetdance/Hip hop for about 4 years, and believe me,
I was such a thug fo' real and I was really good at it too. When
I had a good day, I could look like this chick with the same big,
curly hair and hardcore moves. Those years was more to the tones of
THIS. Bitches.

At the same time as I started my hip hopping, age 16, I also started
to work as a guide at the house of Zorn. That embraced more of the
old culture of Mora,peasant times and art.
I studied culture and society at the St.Mikael college in Mora.
Then I studied fashion and texture for a year at Skeriol collage.

At the age of 19 I met my significant half in one of the 2 bars in 
Mora. It was love at first sight and we moved together in a caravan 
from the 60's that we took to music festivals and did some trips 
with. I lived the hippie life in my own hometown.
When I was done working as a guide in August 2009, we decided to
move to Italy and visit Maurizio's father in Jesi. After a month,
the Montreal engineering company he works for, wanted to transfer
him there instead. We lived in Montreal for 4 months and then we
moved to Tunisia for 3 since Maurizio has got a project there. You
can see my amazing pictures from Tunisia here at my blog.
  I'm still stationed in Montreal and I'm working in the best
vintage clothing store in town: ERA Vintage Wear. ERA is owned by
fabulous Elaine Leveille and she introduced me to the small circle
of fashion people in Montreal. So for the moment, I'm enjoying the
big city life with launch parties for fashion magazines, clubs,
Montreal fashion week and more.
I'm a very creative spirit so I might possibly positive post stuff I
create myself.

Enjoy life,
Cecilia Rosell

12 Responses to Who is Cecilia Rosell?

  1. Follow you on Bloglovin! Love ur blog!

  2. Meaghan says:


    Sweden sounds like it was great. I’m from a small town very close to Canada, so ice hockey is also a big thing in my area. I love that you lived in a caravan for some time, too! It sounds like an adventure (and opportunity for many fabulous photos.) Keep up the great work on your blog, photography and other creations! I’m very impressed and definitely plan to keep following them.

    If you have time, could you check out our blog at http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog and let us know what you think? I think some of the posts might be to your liking!



    P// 1-855-4-VPV-SHOP / 1-855-487-8746
    A// PO BOX 3176 DeLand, FL 32721
    E// intern@shopVPV.com
    W// http://www.shopVPV.com

    • Hello Meaghan! Thank you for the support and sorry for my delayed reply!
      I ADORE your shop with vintage goodies! Its truly perfection when it comes to a vintage shop. Keep it up! Def putting this in my shopping online – list!
      Are you on facebook too for the shop? Im gonna try to find it.


  3. Nikki says:

    Cecilia, I’m in love with your blog – nice description of your life. I’m happy I found you 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. Marianna says:

    Hello Cecilia,
    I would like to borrow one of your photos for a Danish non-commercial poster. Please mail to me as soon as possible. My mail is mariannakrarup@gmail.com
    Best regards Marianna

  5. Nicole Small says:

    HI Cecilia,
    If you seek a photographer to collaborate with on any projects, please do not hesitate to contact me!

  6. Nicole Small says:

    Hello! Yes I am in Montreal!

  7. ric says:

    Ceci y lyke your blog. You are very beatiful…

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