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Blue dog trash plateau peanutnoodles

Matilda, old streetdance friend from my hometown, came up to Montreal one sunny but darn cold weekend in October. Turned out she lives in Stowe, like 2 hrs from here!We put on our hoodies and listened to some old school … Continue reading

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Cats + Hats = Style

I literally put my cats in hats, and I must say it’s fabulous! Absolutely stunning in terms of being a stylish cat. In a hat. Cat. Hat-Cat. Catinahat. CAAAAAT. HAAAAAAAAT. Cat-Hat. N00b. Panama hat in the window from Henri Henri … Continue reading

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Unforgettable Weddings

 Since everyone is going bananas over the Brit-royal wedding I thought I could provide you with some more unforgettable wedding pictures of celebrities and other random people. Enjoy. Emma Lamm marries Anders Zorn 1885. “The Bride” by Zorn 1886 Mary … Continue reading

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This is gonna keep me laughing all day.

DO. Say what you will about Spanish gangster dudes, but I like‘em. They have names like “Smiley”, “Stinky” and “Sunshine” and ride kids’ bikes like these, all in the hopes that someone will be dumb enough to say something they … Continue reading

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That’s it!

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