Maid of the mist

Saurday June 30th. Dayton, Pennsylvania
We drove by Pennsylvania on our way back home to Montreal and I met my mothers cousin Lars Rosell for the first time and his wife and their 7 dogs! Amazing.Lars used to be in a band called Rockabilly junction and I got to see and touch a guitar that Elvis basist had tried at one point.  Cool!I was mighty impressed by this, too!We also drove by Niagara falls on our way home. It was magical.So we decided to go on the maid of the mist boat tour. Mau is in the hood
One size fits all.

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Monticello villa rotunda.

Friday June 29th. Monticello, Virginia.

And we drove off to Monticello. Maurizio drove like a robot for like 6 hours during the night through a tornado. I woke up because the car was shaking and I remember it was such a pain getting gas in the middle of the night since all the electricity was out at all gas stations.  
When we finally reached Monticello we drove to the house of Thomas Jefferson and slept in the car in a parking lot. And then you finally wake up in a hot car under the gazing sun and it feels like you haven’t had a shower for days and you need to change clothes in the car and cannot really put together a nice outfit.
Road trip times, oh sweet road trip times.

Monticello feels just like Italy! Its just as warm and the landscape looks the same.Robot boyfriend that drove all night. Love you baby.The grandiose house of Thomas Jefferson. You gotta show the world that you’re the president of America and the master mind behind modern democracy!Obviously he was inspired by Italy also in the design of this renaissance villa rotunda-house. I have a slight memory of seeing this house in an architecture book in school. Wine cellar door. I want a door like this. Sturdy. Steel. Wood.Big ass party in tha Jefferson house! Wine and dine til you die! Porcelain.Morgonbad. Farmland.and so we walked down the mountain.
Then I got this awesome drink book in the gift shop. This is where I find the recipe for beer battered beans, Dr pepper dip sauce with grilled shrimps wrapped in bacon, honeybee drinks, southern comfort drinks and other yummy alcohol based brewages served in beautiful crystal glasses. Very, very Southern USA.

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Fifteen reasons why I love Charleston.

Friday June 29th. Charleston, South Carolina.

Breakfast in a South Carolina jungle!middle balcony was ours.So we went out in the heat on the streets to explore daytime Charleston.They had some Swedish souvenirs here strange enough! The flea market where you can buy handmade sweetgrass baskets and other cute and useful things.Then we went to the shopping street.Charleston has got one of the prettiest shopping streets. They make Forever 21 look like a nice little private owned clothing store. Almost. 
And we ate lunch at this awesome sea food restaurant by the water.

After lunch we went to the beach and took a quick dip in the hot sea. I can’t think of anything better right now than huge, heavy waves that covers me from top till toe in the blink of an eye. Bam.
But we had to be realistic and realized we had about 3 days to get back to Montreal before vacation was over so we had to drive back up north. Otherwise we would have stayed. Forever.
Here is 15 reasons why:

1. Palm trees.
2. Warm sea with huge waves. (Sullivan beach!)
3. Heat. Because I hate cold.
4. The cutest city centre where the biggest of retail chains looks like that local village shop from the 1850’s.
5. The vintage shops are filled with goodies. FILLED. One even had a huge section with only Chanel.
6. Horses and buggies.
7. Nice people with funny accents.
8. Voted second best dressed city in America after New York.
9. Voted sexiest city in America. Voted the most friendly and most hospitable too.
10. The city started growing in the 1690’s. That’s old for being America, people.
11. It’s small and charming but still there is around 120.000 people living there.
12. The rainbow-colored houses.
13. Cheese and wine at 5 o clock on the porch.
14. Whiskey on the porch.
15. Cigarettes on the porch.

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Charleston, speak easy!

Thursday June 28th. Charleston, South Carolina.

So we travelled in time from the family-fun 1950’s to the roaring 1920’s. Only three hours away from myrtle beach is Charleston. This historic little town filled with palm trees, Chanel filled vintage gems, the cutest little flea market and delicious sea food, was one of our favourite stops on our road trip. The atmosphere and the people here will make you feel like gold. We even managed to find the speak easy bar dressed up in something somewhat 1920’s looking.

The Hennessy were the first thing we were unpacking.Fell in love with the beautiful canopy bed in our hotel room.Ice cold whiskey, cheese plate, crackers and cigarettes on the balcony. Who’s that 1920’s babe?The night was young and the palm trees tall.And then you find this little bar with a man in a fancy suit outside that whispers to you: “are you looking for the speak easy?”and I was tanned. and it was hot enough outdoors to wear the flare pants called Pacific trails from fp.
Oh dear, take me back.

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Planet Hollywood.

Wednesday June 27th. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
We stopped by in Myrtle beach on our way to Charleston so that we could get some sea.Then we got some free tickets from the hotel for this music show cabaret whatever.It sucked so badly the only thing worth mention is the Don’t put baby in the corner part. Everything else was just very corny and the cabaret artists looked as if they didn’t wanted to be on the stage at all. Worst of all was the quiet audience of charter tourists.We realized we had ended up in the most fake and plastic part of the American east coast so we decided to tag along on that path and went to Planet Hollywood for dinner.The burgers were not good and quite pricey but you only go there for the movie props.a life vest from the Titanic movie!Beautiful porcelain from the Titanic movie.and do you remember the evil doll?!an upside-down house.Me and the upside-down house.This is totally a Tom Wesselman picture. Pop art America go go go!
Best was probably the the two 12-something girls that stood for the longest time talking and looking at me and then they finally gained some courage to walk up to me and ask if they could have their father taking a picture with the three of us in front of the carousel.  Priceless.
Worst was everything else about Myrtle beach. Just a cheesy, plastic tourist trap. If you want some beaches go to Charleston instead. Its only a 3 hour drive away. The beaches there are just as amazing except from that there’s less families with screaming kids occupying them and no crazy bleached teeth everywhere you go. Charleston is also very old and charming.

We fled there as fast as we could the next day after our check out. Here.

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The black cat.

Tuesday June 26th. Richmond, Virginia.
We spent a day in Richmond and happened to drive by the Edgar Allen Poe museum!Edgar himself. This very mystic and deeply depressed man. Goth and black crows.Expensive taste is the taste of embroideries. His boot hooks! Men were so stylish and noble back then. So they were walking around with those so that they would never have to look funny putting their boots on. And then someone invented the boot hook that was actually attached to the back of the boot.We ate lunch at this great restaurant in the old quarters of Richmond: Can Can.Beautiful Art deco interior.the beauty of bread loafs is underrated. Maurizios shrimp herring with the most amazing red and green sauce that I had to grab the recipe for.
Then we found this amazing vintage store that had a lot of great accessories. fancy rides. Maymont park.
Maymont park and estate consists of a huge house and a few giant gardens.Tha palace.Gossip girls.
Coolest column I’ve seen in a while. #Columnlove.Gargoyles: A monkey/ram (with boobs) to the left, Bacchus underneath and a dragon to the right. Funky!Japanese gardens are quite something.finds of the day. I read “the black cat” on our way through north carolina. and the prettiest little cat scarf from that vintage shop.

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Jellyfish in space.

June 25th. Baltimore, Maryland.

After saying goodbye to the Amish kittens, we took off to Baltimore. We spent the day at one of the biggest aquariums in the states.The underwater world brings peace, entertainment and inspiration. Too cool to be true!And he was like: “Dude, I’m Prehistoric. What are you?!”My and Maurizios new favourite fish was all dressed in this silver armour and was not more than like 5 mm thick. SICK.Americana fish!My absolute favourite department!Mama wait for meeee!Babies in Space.



And then we passed by Washington DC just so that I can’t say I’ve never been.Me and the White house.Bellybottoms from Urban Outfitters.


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